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Order your Christmas Turkey

Our Turkeys are slow reared on a natural vegetable diet, with no harmful additives.
The highest Welfare Standards are maintained, with every day access to the open air and Buckinghamshire country side grazing on fresh grass, insects, dust-bath and scratch gravel, at night they are safe and secure in spacious straw filled barn.

Hand plucked, finished and hung 10-14 days for the full flavour. All this produces the finest and most succulent and delicious turkey you have ever tasted.

Your boxed turkey, complete with pop-up timer and recipe leaflet will be ready for collection Thursday to Sunday 10am to 4pm, December 23rd and 24th 8am to 6pm, unless other arrangements are made. Turkeys can also be prepared for Thanksgiving.

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Please print, fill in, then scan, or post the form back to us. Or drop it round in person!